Suny Meado Dr Kern Sunsky



Sunny sky to dream about and tan.

Regarding the tan, the Sunsky provides leading-edge performances with its 4 high-pressure lamps, its shapely design, its premium quality and good service. It offers enough room for free development and pure relaxation due to the assembly on the ceiling. The Sunsky is particularly suitable for large sun rooms in spa areas. Furthermore, the exposure distance of 140 cm gives the customer the feeling of easiness and freedom. Concerning storage reasons, the Sunsky is suitable for both private use and commercial use in high-frequent spa-areas.


Hardly any customer wishes remain unsatisfied because of its high-quality processing, attractive design and its different variants of patterns.


Sunsky 400/800 – Data

  • Power 2.000W, 230V/50Hz, 1 x 16A (Sunsky 400)
  • Power 3.900W, 400V/50Hz, 3 x 16A (Sunsky 800)
  • External control unit neccessary
  • Dimensions: 210 x 65 x 28,5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 80 kg
  • Color: Silver RAL 9022 or Black RAL 9011
  • stock no. 95.3853 (Sunsky 400 Silver)
  • stock no. 95.4135 (Sunsky 400 Black)
  • stock no. 95.3812 (Sunsky 800 Silver)
  • stock no. 95.4381 (Sunsky 800 Black)

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