Solarium Megasun 5600 Second Edition



A clear statement:

Powerful, striking, distinctive in character – experience the unique spirit of the megaSun 5600.

Self-confident and energetic – striking and precise: that is the new megaSun 5600. Its proportions are dynamic and powerful, yet it remains elegant in the details. The appearance of the front panel with the dynamic LED edging in the fourSeasons color play is both stimulating and fascinating. With its spacious interior, the megaSun 5600 gives you a feeling of freedom.

Flowing transition from outside to inside: A bold line flows over the canopy to the interface between user and solarium. The innovative reflectors for an even better power distribution, the multi-function display, clearly arranged instruments: Clear forms, clear statements. Technological perfection!

megaSun has achieved an overall appearance of quality with the 5600. The independent, flowing design is the foundation for an entirely new future generation.

Our type of perfection – megaSun 5600.


Series standard features:


A new kind of reflectors for an even better power distribution. Specially finished surfaces for a significantly higher degree of efficiency. evoSystem2 is power for eye catching, intensive and even tanning in the facial area. Face the power.


Intelligent Technology controls, depending on the room temperature, the intensity of the ventilation – and thus the noise level. At the beginning of the tanning session, ACS provides for a gentle start up of the entire ventilation system, after the session has ended the smooth shut down of the Brenner, tubes as well as all the ventilation system is controlled. Pure relaxation!



fourSeasons makes the world of colour of the rainbow into an experience. The colour change stimulates your customers’ wellbeing and the Tanning becomes into a unique experience. Spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter – experience the Sensuality of the colours.



A bundle of innovative features – that is electronicPower. Electronic front-end sunbeds lower the energy consumption of the tubes by approx. 33 %, the weight per sunbed by almost 100 kg and guarantee safe operation – even when the voltage fluctuates.


p2 – Pigment tubes

p2 stands for the new type of Pigment tubes, which combined with conventional technology achieves perfect and skin-protective tanning results as well as stimulates the production of Vitamin D3 in manner never seen before (not available for UV-Type lll).

Optional Features:


If so desired, the air can be aromatised during the tanning with aroma concentrates (SUNRISE or DAYDREAM). Optionally, there is also the possibility of aromatising the cabin.


With aquaCool, on the top part of the sunbed a fine water vapour is released through two special nozzles that function completely dripfree – both refreshing and revitalising.


The high-performance air conditioning system for all megaSun- sunbeds guarantees a comfortable cooling during the tanning session.

megaSun Packages:

Sound Pakiet

+++ Audio-access

Power Pakiet


Competence Pakiet

+only in combination with cpsi + sound system

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