Solarium Luxura X3

Luxura X3, our beauty award 

The superb entry-level model of the Luxura product line is the Luxura X3: It is a compact yet complete sunbed which gives a wonderful tan and fits into the smaller business setting perfectly. It’s clear that the Luxura X3 thoroughly deserves all its accolades!Compact and complete
With 30 or 32 tubes, it is a fully professional sunbed which excels in its class. The X3 is therefore not only suitable for tanning studios, but is also a frequent profit centre at beauty salons, nail salons and hairdressers. Physiotherapists, small sports centres and swimming baths can also obtain sunny turnover figures from the X3.

With the X3, you can select your favorite of four lamp versions: 30 SLi (1 x 400 W SLi face tanner); 30 SPr (9 x 25 W pigmentation lamps); 32 SLi (3 x 400 W face tanner) and the -unique in this segment- 32 SLi Int. (3 x 400 W face tanner + 160 W in the canopy). The optional SoundBox and My MP3 connection makes the X3 even more accessible for tanners who want their own music. The compact X3 is available in an elegant Pearl White edition or in the fashionable Fuchsia Pink or Lagoon Blue versions.

 Luxura X3, features
Tanning sessions with even more comfort

The comprehensive features of the Luxura X3 offer a range of options to make the tanning session even more comfortable and result-oriented.

My MP3, your time, your music 
Listening to great music during your tanning session is a luxury, which many people have now come to expect. Everyone has different tastes, so with your Luxura you can simply plug in your own music.Your choice
With the connection for MP3 players you can easily make your own decision about the songs you want to dream away with while tanning, especially in combination enjoy with the SoundAround feature. You can use the sunbed as the ‘box’, whilst using the controls on your own MP3. The display of your Luxura sunbed enables you to control the volume. Just plug in and enjoy! My MP3 is only available in combination with SoundAround.

XL Light, from top to toe 
Sun worshippers expect a top-to-toe tan when they come for a session, and that’s exactly what they get thanks to the XL Light feature of the Luxura V5. With the maximum tanning surface, there’s no need to make concessionsExtended tan(ning)
To work out the realistic tanning length of the tubes, we always need to deduct at least 10 cm at the ends. However, the extra long tanning tubes (two metres) literally guarantee a tan from top to toe. Standard tanning lamps are 176 centimetres.

DecoLight, that extra accent 

It’s amazing what light can do! Whilst the DecoLight feature ensures attractive surroundings during the tanning session, even when the sunbed is on ‘stand-by’ the superb design is complimented by the tasteful lighting accents.

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