Solarium Luxura V10

Luxura V10, standing ovation
Definitely state of the art 

As soon as they step inside, your customers will realise that you have made no concessions whatsoever in terms of results, quality and comfort. The uniqueness of this vertical tanning bed is, besides the top quality Luxura is known for, the fact that it offers effective SLi face tanners, the handy lift system, two roomsaving door panels and the luxurious spray system Qsens with 4 (!) nozzles. Sun worshippers can enjoy a perfect tanning session from top to toe in the V10 in the standing position thanks to the 50 tanning tubes. Special tubes ensure the pigmentation of the face, neck and décolleté. This vertical wonder is suitable for all your customers, no matter how tall or short they may be. A special floor lift brings each and every sun worshipper up to the perfect height for the face tanners, the handles and the handy operating panel.
Vertical tanning

Vertical tanning has more benefits both for the user (no white areas caused by pressure points, a more active tanning session and is appreciated for a more hygienic feeling) and for the operator (less space required, a good addition to the range), which many people would happily trade for the comfort of tanning in a lying position. With the V10, you get top quality in every detail, along with its wonderful design and spacious layout. Various different comfort features, including an innovative cooling system with four spray units over the length of the appliance, ensure an inspiring tanning session. In the colours Royal Red and Pearl White (with the variants Passion, Romance and Cool), the V10 simply attracts turnover…


Xsens, spoil your customers with fragrances 
With Xsens, a fragrant scent is wafted though the tanning tunnel via the ventilation system. The choice of Citrus, Exotic and Ocean fragrances brings the sun worshipper an extra dimension during the tanning session. Xsens can easily be activated by the user or stopped via the central control panel.Aroma
The touch of aroma while tanning intensifies the experience for the tanner. Dream away with the exotic fragrances and the memory of holiday sun. Catch the fresh smell of the ocean or reload yourself with the pleasing scent of citrus. The delicious aromas definitely increase the wellness experience.

Qsens, a refreshing cooling spray 
For a completely natural cooling experience (as an optional addition to the innovative ventilation system), Qsens sprays a refreshing water mist onto the tanning body. The fine water mist gives exactly the subtle cool you want and creates true enjoyment during the tanning session.Technical
Two nozzles are optimally integrated along the length of the canopy (one at the foot and one head end). They spray the body evenly with a fine mist of water. The water reservoir is neatly incorporated into the sunbed, and can easily be topped up via the liftable bed.

HPS, effectiveness is the magic word 
HPS stands for High Power System and is the special mirror effect filter which makes the SLi+ or SLi face tanner even more effective. It guarantees the safest, most targeted tanning of the face with direct pigmentation. Plus: it gives the tanning device a fairly mirror effect.
Technical ingenuity
The High Power System is made of special toughened glass with a professional filter. The filter allows UVA and UVB to penetrate the glass, as well as infra red light. This balanced combination of light delivers optimum effectiveness and direct pigmentation results.
SLi+, with your face in the sun 
This high-pressure tube with a single connection is X10’s specially developed face tanner. SLi+ sparkles like a diamond and produces spectacular tanning results.
It is a more comprehensive version of the SLi face tanners incorporated as standard in the Luxura X10. The SLi+ face tanners are positioned transverse in the parabolic filter. The technique sets the lamp with a single fitting in the specially developed reflector housing. This creates a visual diamond effect and a perfect reflection for optimum output.
Lift, proudly facing the sun 
Imagine the sun worshipper enjoying a nice relaxed tanning session in the V10, standing proudly upright. However, height differences mean that not everyone’s face is at the same level. This sun shower therefore has a professional floor lift which ensures that the face is always at the same height as the face tanner.
SmartVoice, just say it 
A friendly voice to talk you through the menu options. The icons in the display are clear, but sometimes you just want a bit more information. SmartVoice explains the various features and acts as your tour guide during this mini-break in the sun. SmartVoice is only available in combination with SoundAround.Hello operator
SmartVoice’s unique technique is integrated in the SoundSystem. Clearly intelligible guides a friendly voice the tanner through the tanning session. SmartVoice is available in 17 different languages, which gives your client the opportunity to be served in his home language.

My MP3, your time, your music 
Listening to great music during your tanning session is a luxury, which many people have now come to expect. Everyone has different tastes, so with your Luxura you can simply plug in your own music.Your choice
With the connection for MP3 players you can easily make your own decision about the songs you want to dream away with while tanning, especially in combination enjoy with the SoundAround feature. You can use the sunbed as the ‘box’, whilst using the controls on your own MP3. The display of your Luxura sunbed enables you to control the volume. Just plug in and enjoy! My MP3 is only available in combination with SoundAround.

SoundAround, music from all directions 
A three-dimensional sound experience due to four integrated tweeters and a subwoofer. With the SoundAround feature, the Luxura X5 offers professional music quality.
Intense sound, no annoyance
The sunbed design and speaker positioning means you can enjoy an intense musical experience during the tanning session, without annoying people outside the cabin. The SoundAround package offers four music channels and can be extended with the My MP3 function on a fifth channel.

DecoLight, that extra accent 

It’s amazing what light can do! Whilst the DecoLight feature ensures attractive surroundings during the tanning session, even when the sunbed is on ‘stand-by’ the superb design is complimented by the tasteful lighting accents.

XL Light, from top to toe 
Sun worshippers expect a top-to-toe tan when they come for a session, and that’s exactly what they get thanks to the XL Light feature of the Luxura X7. With the maximum tanning surface, there’s no need to make concessionsExtended tan(ning)
To work out the realistic tanning length of the tubes, we always need to deduct at least 10 cm at the ends. However, the extra long tanning tubes (two metres) literally guarantee a tan from top to toe. Standard tanning lamps are 176 centimetres.

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