Salts and Brine


Millions of years ago, Mother Earth was completely covered with salt water of the primeval ocean. Any life on earth emerged there. „A human being can live without gold, but cannot live without salt“, wrote a Roman scribe more than 1.500 years ago. How true that is! Without salt and natural water, we would not be able to think, walk or live! Names like „salt of life“ or „white gold“ are absolutely appropriate.

And what is brine? Quite simple to explain – salt crystals dissolve in water, brine emerges. Upon evaporation salt crystals reappear. Salt always remains salt. Whether enjoying a proper bath in wonderfully natural salted water or a wrap with handy brine sheets – salt treatments mineralise and help balance the pH-value. For a splendid and wonderful skin!

Treatment tip 

Watery salt solutions (brine) stimulate the healing process of small skin irritations and support the exchange of active agents.




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