Oils Pantai Sensitive


Select resources, wonderful fragrances and an excellent skin care – can you ask for more? The Pantai Sensitive body oils, made of sunflower, soy bean and sesame oil as well as the plant essences tangerine, lemon grass and mint offer a pure pampering experience! Whether using the metabolism-stimulating tangerine oil, the refreshing and stimulating lemon grass oil or the cooling mint oil with essences from wild mint, each one offers an unforgettable skin care experience.

The all natural, pure Aloe Vera gel from the aloe barbadensis contains valuable minerals, vitamins, enzymes and proteins. It is an outstanding moisturiser, whether used for everyday skin care or for cooling and calming the solar-irritated, stressed skin.

Did you know, that … 

the maturity level of fruits, blossoms, flowers and leaves is especially crucial for the quality of oils? The reason why we source some of our raw materials from the East Asian area is because, in this climate a degree of ripeness is achieved which is unknown in Europe.

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