Massage Pantai Luar



Off to new shores

Pantai Luar® is a marvelous relaxing massage, whose roots can be found in the East Asian area. During the massage, the body is treated with fragrant fruit bundles heated in a special oil mix to 140°C. With Pantai Luar®, both is possible – a partial treatment (back and neck) or a full body massage.

Due to the quick change of heat from one differential receptor to the other, a self-repair mechanism is activated by the skin’s thermal receptors in order to replace seemingly burned cells. Of course, this burn is only simulated, without really occurring. Thus, the result is a cell-renewal and revitalization, as well as a wonderfully relaxing, warming massage.

Did you know, that … 

Pantai Luar® activates a self-repair-mechanism in your body? This effect cannot be achieved by any other existing massage technique.

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