Massage Hot Stones Sassi Dei Vulcano


Harmony through hot stones


A miraculous kind of relaxation! Long ago, people already knew the compensatory, reassuring and relaxing effect of warm, energising basalt stones and cooling marble stones. The smooth, brilliantly black basalt stones are precisely tempered in the heater and then put on the body along the energy lines. Thus, they already unfold their effect before the beginning of the real massage.

The warmth generated on the skin stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the musculature. The massage includes a pleasant stroking, tumbling and tapping so that even solid tensions experience relaxation. The cool marble stones are applied in connection with a warm basalt stone as a warm-cold impulse effect at the legs.

Did you know, that …

Sassi dei Vulcano is not only a warm stroking and tumbling massage, but also a tapping one? By a special technique, the stones are used for tapping which is very effective at relaxing muscle tensions.


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