Goat Butter Skin Care Series


Goat butter as a basis for skin care? Even if it seems to be strange at the beginning, goat milk and goat butter are miraculous ingredients! The goat butter products contain a strong source of vitamin A, B, C and D, plus many minerals, trace elements and moisturizers which makes them precious, protecting and regenerating skin care potions.

The latest researches confirm the composition of goat butter and its rich content list including Coenzym Q10 and more than 70 unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its low melting point of 37°C (body temperature) the goat butter quickly penetrates even into deeper skin layers and supports the absorption of high-quality active substances.

Whether as a rich body crème, a silky hand care, a heavenly milk bath or a nourishing, anti-inflammatory massage lotion – goat butter products provide the ideal solution!

Historical Facts 

Cleopatra already knew and appreciated the skin care qualities of goat milk. Also Hippokrates knew about the regenerating powers of this natural product!


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