Equipment for diagnostic Soft Plus

Soft Plus: Measuring the health, wellness and beauty of skin 

The first complete professional skin assessment system :

  • skin
  • cellulite
  • hair

The innovations :

  1. Scientific and objective assessment of the skin carried out with probes
  2. Digital and visual assessment using a camera
  3. Advice on the skin of the client and products and treatments to apply
  4. The only true stand alone system with integrated PC

Soft Plus: Complete analysis of the health of the skin – objective and scientific assessment through probes. 

Single parameters:

  • hydration
  • elasticity
  • sebum
  • pH
  • melanin
  • temperature
  • phototype
  • biological skin age


Detailed programmes for different areas of the body:

  • Face programme (hydration, sebum, pH and elasticity tests with advice on skincare)
  • Anti-ageing programme (elasticity and uniformity of pigmentation to assess ageing of skin and how to act to reduce ageing)
  • Sun and UV programme (assessment of the level of melanin, phototype and UV index; definition of the type of skin, tolerance to UV rays and the sun protection factor to advise)
  • Sensitive skin programme (assessment of the level of sensitivity of the skin so that tailored advice on products and treatments may be advised)
  • Whitening/Brigheting programme (whitening treatments )
  • Laser programme (assessment of the tolerance of the skin to different laser treatments)
  • Hands programme (hydration test, sebum, pH)
  • Hair scalp programme (sebum test, pH and specific advice on hair care)
  • Cellulite/water retention programme:
    Thermography via infra red probe to define the:
    1. Level of cellulite
    2. Level of water retention

Ideal for advice on treatments and products.

Micro-camera: visual assessment and elaboration of images
– wrinkles
– pigmentation
– keratine
– capillaries
– pores
– acne
– hair density
– diameter of hair shaft
– dandruff

The wide range of magnification (10-400x) allows users to view:

  • general overview of the skin
  • detail of the smallest imperfection
  • assessment of specific conditions such as sensitive skin, acne and cellulite

Special polarized filters means elements below surface of the skin, like capillaries and accumulation of melanin are analyzed.

Graphical interpretation of the results:


A4 print out

Database for the management of customer’s information

Graphical assessment of the different parameters of the skin


Graphical processing of results and images 

Comments on the results and skin advice

Storege of data, calculations and images through database for the management of customer’s information.

Monitoring of the customer conditions and treatments over time.

Major sectors of interest:
– Cosmetic counters at Department stores
– Cosmetic companies
– Beauty establishments and Spas
– Beauty Therapists
– Cosmetic Research Labs
– Dermatologists
– Pharmacies

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