Cabine Salve In Terra


With the Haslauer Salve-in-terra®, guests embark on a journey into a world of emotions. Gentle swaying in a warm créme peeling turns a touch into a true ceremony. An unique, unforgettable skin care experience, which can be enjoyed by couples and singles.

The Salve-in-terra® ceremony


Guests choose their own scented oil mixture for the treatment. A special cube offers a choice of various music styles, which can be changed at any time. Then the bathing pleasure begins: Your guests lie down on the heated bed – undressed – the warm créme peeling is applied and fragrant steam fills the cabin. The relaxing swaying of the double bed enables your guests to gently slide back and forth. Beside the charms of scents and music, the modern light system and Swarovski® crystals are a “touching sight” for the eye.

At the end of the ceremony, guests can indulge in flamboyant fun! The sides of the bed are lifted upwards, similar to a mussel shell. Also the kind of cleansing and refreshment can be choosen: either a tropical rain shower or a refreshing ice rain; that’s up to you!


Cost-Effectiveness at its Best!

Either as a hotel owner, wellness or spa operator – cost-effectiveness is crucial. The automatic room cleaning of the Salve-in-terra® guarantes lower staff expenses and we specially put emphasis on the flexibility of placing it. The cabin can easily be integrated in your wellness area, in alignment with your range of offers. Its acrylic glass exterior fits well in small rooms – it can even be the highlight of your Spa suite. Moreover, the longevity, due to its fibre glass surfaces and the low product costs per treatment speak a language for itself.


Medicine and Science

From a scientific view, the rocking movement in the créme peeling during the Salve-in-terra® treatment effects a “skin-and-me-experience” with singles and, a “skin-and-us-experience” with couples. Medically speaking, the connection between Oxytocin and Cortisol plays an important role. By rocking and touching, Oxytocin is increased and Cortisol, the stress hormone, decreased. Oxytocin, which is also known as the hormone influencing faithfulness, supports a harmonious partnership.


A Playful Experimental Journey

Music is a matter of taste. Some people enjoy listening to meditative and relaxing music and others prefer stimulating and rhythmic sounds. Let your guests choose! Haslauers Soundcube offers 5 different music styles. In a playful way, your guests discover their favourite song by placing the cube on a number – no matter when. Number 1 is silence. An attractive accessory.

» A Playful Start
The cube allows a playful access to music in your wellness area.

» Various Functions Possible
With the help of the Soundcube technique you not only have a choice of different music, but also the possibility to control colour light features.

» Innovative Technique
The cube operates without a cable. All your equipment can have a music speaker function, e.g. the benches, the cabin etc.

» Suitable for any Room
e.g. the Steambath, the Brechelbath®, Finnish Sauna or Salve-in-terra®


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