Beauty Couch Lr Podo


Podiatry Couch Gharieni LR PODO

The LR treatment bed – Lina Relaunch – is expressed through the various new and optimised features integrated into this futuristic couch.
The minimum position of approx. 56 cm makes it easier for short people to get onto the bed. The motor speed has been increased enabling you to comfortably put your customer in the ideal treatment position faster.

The LR has a comfortable one-piece upholstery with 5 integrated air cushions, one for the lumbar area, 2 on the external back part and 2 on the external seat. This Triple-Airback system gives maximum comfort and variability of anatomy. The optional multipurpose head rest gives you maximum freedom to work on the neck and shoulder areas, while always keeping the customer in a comfortable position.

This couch has a special device for the use of different armrests that have to be ordered separately. This gives you a further degree of freedom.
It has 5 actuators for actioning the height, tilting, backrest and the 2 leg rests.
The extended memory function of the LR treatment bed offers 3 freely selectable memory positions, which you can easily access by pressing a button. This again enables you to save time and to allow your customers to relax more intensively.

Technical details:
• Height: 55 cm – 96 cm
• Length: 144 cm – 203 cm
• Width without arm rest: 62 cm
• Width with arm rest : 80 cm



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