Salt Room Salina Thor



Liberating – a Genuine Pleasure



The Salina Thorn Room consists of a wooden rack filled with white thorn twigs. In earlier times, it was a technique used by salt mines to increase the salt concentration in the brine.

In such times the brine would flow down the white thorns and water was evaporated by wind and sun. At the same time, the impurities from the brine were caught in the twigs.
Therefore money, normally needed for boiling the brine in order to release salt, was saved.

Nowadays, the Salina Thorn Rooms are used for inhaling salt-enriched air.
Aerosols, created by dispersing brine, have a soothing effect on the respiratory tract. In the course of time, beautiful white crystal appear on the white thorn twigs.

A pleasant and relaxing ambience that thrills guests!

» Relieves the Respiratory Passages
The ideal brine mist gives relief to the respiratory passages. Very soothing for people suffering from asthma.

» Cleansing Effect
for skin irritations.

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