Device Pemanent Contour

Pure Nature! The new world of stamp massages


We have combined traditional treatment cultures from all over the world and, considering the latest scientific and technical findings, developed them into Permanent Contour®, a modern stamp massage for face and body. Only pure, natural products are used – blossoms and herbs of highest quality from all over the globe which are permanently steamed with the Permanent Contour® (Europat.) treatment device. The natural ingredients can be seen due to the transparent fleece cover.

Huge selection of balls!
With Permanent Contour® you can offer your guests a huge selection of natural products for their treatment. From Alpine herbs, seaweed, mud (moor), beer or calendula – just to name a few – Permanent Contour® invites you and your guest on a global trip through the nature.
The matching special oils complete this treament concept in a perfect way.

A simple, sophisticated technique
The advantages of constantly steamed herbal bundles, in comparison to the conventional bundle massages, are the ability to have the maximum ingredients and active agents from the herbs available and to actually be able to perform the treatment with no interruptions at a constant treatment temperature.

Another advantage of this moveable appliance is, it’s very easy to use, e.g. with changing the herbal bundles, setting temperature and steam. Its very flexible hose as well as the fact that it is easy to clean is just another plus.
The Permanent Contour® unit is available in 2 types: portable and trolley.

The advantages of the Permanent Contour® treatment device at a glance:
› exact adjustment of the treatment temperature
› water container for 30 treatments
› constant steam pressure
› high emission of active agents due to permanent steam
› automatic disinfection prior to the first treatment
› available as portable version or trolley
› little space requirement
› by the Permanent Contour® technology changing the treatment balls is easy and reasonable

Internationally awarded trademark!
Permanent Contour® is an international trademark and just recently won the European Health & Spa Award for Best Signature Body Treatment. Share this success with us and offer this fantastic treatment to your guests, too! With Permanent Contour® your guests will enjoy top quality.


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